Thanks to alkaline powder, Lilly and Nanouk can eat without any problems

We have two dogs of the Gos d'atura de Perro Catala breed, which are Catalan herding dogs.
The female dog Lilly is ten years old and the male dog Nanouk is almost five years old. Lilly has been fed for seven years and Nanouk since he was three months old.
As Nanouk has been suffering from licky fits for a long time and the reason for this is often hyperacidity of the stomach, we switched him to wet food from Anifit with some Anifit potato flakes a few weeks ago.
The changeover has worked very well and so far he has not shown any more acidity problems. We also tried switching our dog to wet food from various manufacturers, but she suffered from stomach and intestinal problems with all of them, so we went back to barf.
Now we've tried switching to Anifit wet food in combination with Anifit alkaline powder and Anifit potato flakes and it's working really well. Lilly is doing very well and has no health problems whatsoever. They both like the Anifit wet food very much, the dogs are healthy and vital as you can see in the photo.

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